My first Post: Shakira’s new poster

Shakira Tour Poster

Shakira Tour Poster

In my new blog, I will talk about a thing that just came to my sight and irritated me; Shakira’s up-coming World Tour poster.

Shakira’s World tour was named “The Sun Comes Out”, and reading through the comments of the fans on the site, I recognized that lots of fans are claiming that the name was changed from “TOUR OF THE EARTHLY DELIGHTS” (TOUR DE LAS DELICIAS)” into the up-coming album’s name “The Sun Comes Out”.

This is just not Shakira. Fans are always looking for much more creative and innovative work from Shakira. After the double album Oral Fixation, we saw Shakira in a very unique style that only suits her. From the apple of Eve on the album cover, to the black paint hot dance in La Tortura, to the sassy “Lady in Red” look in Illegal, hips don’t lie,…and last but not least, the smash hit WAKA WAKA, Shakira has rocked the world with her new styles that no one was able to copy.

The World was waiting for Shakira in a tour, after the huge success  she had in Oral Fixation tour around the world, and now it is time. But, unfortunately, something had driven lots of fans wild after seeing the tour poster that was posted on Shakira’s website today. The poster seems to be similar, or exactly the same, as the photo of up-coming Spanish album that was released earlier on the site. It seems the designers are lacking creativity or not enough money is being put into this tour that they created this less than normal photo/poster.

Fans have all the rights to panic after seeing this piece of….. work (what did you think I would say?). If you have a look at the post of the tour poster, you will be amazed by how many hate/dislike comments have been posted there. Fans are surely wild after paying for their tickets and waiting for something outstanding from this unusual artist. Some are claiming that designers have done a bad job, some are claiming that Sony is trying to destroy Shakira’s career, others say that it is just ignorance or an unstudied move.

Whatever it is, loyal fans are still loving their favorite artist. No matter how many dislike comment have I read, I still have seen fans saying that they love Shakira though. So please Shakira, try not to lose such loyal fans because they are the source of your success.

A word from my heart: good luck Shakira in your tour and in your album and I really hope I could meet you one day.


2 thoughts on “My first Post: Shakira’s new poster

  1. I sometimes feel sorry for artists once they get famous. This is not a Shakira only issue but also something Alicia Keys and Mariah Carey suffered from in their music videos. Once the ultimate sexy/cool/loved look is achieved designers chase the more sexy/cool/loved look and sometimes (nearly always) end up mutilating what we the fans liked about our stars.

    If you like food well done and then someone tries to give you more of what you like and offer you a well well done meal then what you get is something overcooked. Some excited cooks will just burn the taste out of your favourite snack and this is what happened here with Shakira.

    At this point Shakira is really famous and adored. What she really needs to do is to show up. That, in my opinion, is all she needs to do. She doesn’t have to be sexier since she is already sexier than many out there. If in that photo Shakira was wearing a plain T-shirt and a pair of jeans she would still have a long trail of followers and fans (full stop).

    • well walid, you are right in what u said. I think American artists got contaminated from Lebanese and Arab ones. They are doing the same thing, once the audience likes them, they start pushing the limit a bit further. What is sad is that people still accept that. For example, the world has become a GAGA world. Everyone is copying Lady Gaga, even Christina Aguilera!!!!!!!

      The world is changing, and people are changing… and we, the helpless ones, won’t be able to do anything!!

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