Yehya Saade’s Requiem


We would have never thought to say these words so early. We were used to saying, “did you see what Yehya did?”, “Did you check his last video?”, “this is so OVER(the Lebanese term, which means it is over the limits in a negative manner)”
Well now, it is OVER
But as Yehya used to say, “its not over until it’s over again”
Yehya has created a new approach to the Arabs’ perception of video clip. He has created his style in no time. He moved from an art director accompanying and learning from back-them-great directors like Said El Marouk. And the saying is true that the student sometimes tops his master, Yehya proved it, and he went way beyond his generation’s directors.

As I read yesterday in the article on bilmersad by Eliane El Haj, Yehya truly had a unique vision in what he did. It has deep and subtle messages that some people perceived as shocking and insulting. This is what made Yehya shine, through his work of course.

In my opinion, and commenting on the article mentioned earlier, I don’t think that being inspired by “anything” around us is illegal. I think Yehya was really inspired by scenes from the Bible that trigger certain emotions and he took those emotions and developed them further. These worked-on ideas are the ones that took the success. We can never forget “Mona Einah” by Nawal El Zoghbi that won an international award and was selected for the Copenhagen summit of global warming as a representation of what is happening to the world.

The artist takes inspiration from the world around him, where could he get that from elsewhere?

As a final word, “el mobde3 ma bimout” and Yehya will be always remembered by his work, and that’s the important thing. Now I keep you with the voice of Karol Sakr who dedicated this song to Yehya’s soul and sang it in his requiem.

<p><a href=”″>Untitled</a&gt; from <a href=”″>Hisham Assaad</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


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