Valentine sucks

When you read the title, you would probably think I’m saying this because I’m alone this valentine. Well, to be honest, currently I am single.
BUT, last year around the time of valentine, I wasn’t alone, I was at the beginning of a relationship. Even though, Valentine’s day wasn’t much of a difference. We spent a day because we felt like it.

Getting to my point, valentine sucks. Yes. Everyone makes use of it, in other words, ABUSE it. Would it really make someone love me more if I get them a red rose on this day meanwhile I can get them a bunch of red roses on any other day of the year at the same price? I’m not cheap, but this is a rip off.
What if I get her two roses on valentine, she would marry me instantly, and if get her a bunch, she would worship me.
This is just marketing and business, and silly people fall for it.

Personally, I would love to celebrate Valentine’s day in August or June, who cares, I can celebrate it whenever I want to. I wouldn’t wait for the media to announce that I should go with my loved one on a romantic night on this specific day.

My perfect valentine’s eve would be, any night that doesn’t fall within a range of one week before or after February 14th, staying at home, I would cook, a fine bottle of wine, dim lights, candles and incense, and soft music playing lightly.
I think anyone would fall for that, especially when they least expect it.

So, my little piece of advice now, don’t go out this Saturday on a valentine-themed night, instead, do it on any other night when you both feel like having a romantic night.

Now I keep you with a very romantic “onionic” Valentine!!!


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