Lady Gaga and The Lebanese

So, what’s with Lady Gaga and the Lebanese?

In her latest single “Born This Way”, Lady Gaga is putting forward the idea that gays are born this way and should accept themselves the way they are and they should all be treated equally. I’m not here to discuss whether this is right or wrong but while reading the lyrics I was surprised that in one of the bridges she says:

Whether you’re broke or evergreen

You’re black, white, beige, chola descent

You’re Lebanese, you’re orient

Whether life’s disabilities

I was shocked to read that she is mentioning Lebanese in such a song. I would have understood it P!NK mentioned the Lebanese in Stupid Girls since lots of girls right here resemble the girls in the video. But still can’t find the link to this song.
If I try to find other places where Lebanese were associated with LGBT in the Hollywood productions I can recall a movie (Mean girls by Lindsey Lohan) that has a Lesbian character which at the end of the movie reveals herself as Lebanese. (this is a quote from the movie. Janis is the girls being asked by a guy trying to hit on her)

Kevin Gnapoor: [after cutting into dance] What’s up?
Janis: Can I help you?
Kevin Gnapoor: You Puerto Rican?
Janis: Lebanese.
Kevin Gnapoor: I feel that

In case you have any other similar place, feel free to mention it.

So, what’s with Lady Gaga and the Lebanese?
Is there any relation to the Lebanese political issues?
Or is Lebanon a well known gay-filled and gay-friendly area?
I could use some help over here!

what do u think?
Is Lady Gaga promoting Lebanon as a gay place, or has any Lebanese politician paid her (and of course without any knowledge of who is Lady Gaga and what song will “Lebanese will be featured in) and asked her to mention Lebanon and he Lebanese as a promotion and reputation that would spread worldwide?

I bet you, the traffic of Lebanon’s page on Wikipedia and on Google search has doubled and tripled since the release of BTW song.

Now I leave you with her latest performance from the 53rd Grammy Awards ceremony where she was inside an egg. Lady Gaga arrived in the back of a truck in a large greenish egg carried by semi-naked men. In the “Born This Way” performance, she emerges from the egg with some bone deformation on her face and shoulders and performs her song.


5 thoughts on “Lady Gaga and The Lebanese

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  2. I think I’ve become the personal advocate of Lady GaGa on Lebanese online blogs lol

    The thing that you should know is that Lady GaGa writes all her songs. Including the lyric “Lebanese” was definitely intentional on her behalf.

    You could understand the lyrics in two ways.

    First way: Geographic

    The lyric comes in the line “Lebanese or Orient” just before the bridge which mentions the sexual orientations, and after the line which mentions skin color and cultural affiliation.

    Orient refers either to the Asian culture or the Asian location. It would be safe to assume that by “Lebanese or Orient”, she is just continuing the list of cultural affiliations. It could just as well be referring to the idea that you’re born this way no matter where you’re fromm, be it Lebanon, Orient etc..

    2) Pun

    Lebanese has long been a running joke ( I first saw it on The Golden Girls ) in the USA as the word that some people may confuse for Lesbian. Since orient is on the same line, and orient is close to orientation, it could just as well be a play of words. Lebanese or Orient. Lesbian or whatever orientation.

    Knowing GaGa’s style, I’d say it’s probably a mix of both. Flipping through GaGa’s album, she incorporates a lot of funny/dirty lyrics with double meanings to them. (Examples: I want your whiskey mouth all over my blonde south (Heavy Metal Lover) & Gimme your money or I’ll hold my breath ( Bad Kids ) )

    So don’t look that deeply into it. In GaGa’s world… it’s just incorporating meaning with fun while giving a nod to Lebanon’s growing pro-LGBT stance/ Lebanese community.

    Lebanon is currently #6 on the Edge of Glory single chart.

    • thanks for informing me about where we stand on The Edge of Glory chart. It is an amazing song.

      As for the Lebanese mention, why couldn’t it be any other nationality? there are many that could fit into the song. Why not say “Middle Eastern”
      Its just a thought. I’m surprised I haven’t heard of any official explanation of why she wrote this in her song.

      Could she be mentioning the Lebanon that is located in many US states?

      and by the way, most of my daily traffic here comes from Google search about this topic

      On the side, i loved the album, well not all of it

  3. Wasn’t I clear about it?

    I told you it was a mix of geographic description and a pun between Lebanon/Lesbian.

    A ridiculously funny lyric 😛

  4. Wonderful thoughts.

    Yes, I think you could be right. Of course, people are very shallow all over the world, and definitely in the Middle Eastern countries. However, it is undeniable that Lebanon is a very western country in many ways and has been for decades. It’s been through a tremendous amount of heartache which has stalled her growth. But Lebanese are very forward thinking, especially with so many open-minded Beiruties, the educated, well read, and the travelled Lebanese. This is and should be a great source of pride for the country.
    I saw that Golden Girls episode about Danny Thomas – hysterical. His son was a producer on the show.

    Remember, regardless of our Faith, we should all look in the mirror before we start judging others.

    If the mention of Lebanon in a song brings a conversation that leads to conversation, education and information, in my book, life is good.

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