Midnight craving and a healthy breakfast

We were watching a movie last night. It was Jim Carey’s “Fun with Dick and Jane”. It was a funny yet so realistic movie that makes us laugh at our own miseries. I’m not here to talk about the movie and its drama, instead I want to tell you a secret. I was craving something to eat.

I really wanted to eat something while watching the movie, but I didn’t want to add more fat to my body especially close to midnight. During the break, I ran to the kitchen and grabbed an apple and an orange with a knife and a bowl. Then I rushed back to the movie.

I started dicing the fruits while watching, this took my mind a bit away from my hunger. In the second break, I ran back to the kitchen to season the fruits and start digging in.

I added:
1 large tablespoon of dark brown sugar
2 tablespoons of apple juice
1 tablespoon of rosewater
2 tablespoons of lemon juice (or according to taste)
and I kept the juice that came from the orange while dicing it


I mixed them together and ate them till the movie ended.

I thought to myself, what better breakfast could I have?
I made the same fruits, but I added
2 bananas
2 mandarins
and for the dressing I added
a little bit of cinnamon
a little hot paprika

I have had the best an healthy breakfast, and I feel energized 😛


Did you know:

Fruits are best consumed on an empty stomach!

Eating fruits after a meal will prevent you from getting its benefits. The food starts to decompose and rot inside the stomach, this prevents the body from getting the nutrients from the fruits.



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