Reconstructing Dbayeh Corniche

As part of my new daily routine, I have a 30 minute walk on Dbayeh corniche before going home for the daily lent prayers at church which I have to be in charge of in the temporary absence of the new priest. In this short walk, I’m witnessing some very unusual things.


2 days ago, the traffic was wild on Dbayeh highway but there were no cars crashed together, so I thought it would be a slight bump but the “lovely” Lebanese drivers have dramatized it and made a whole fuzz about it. But as soon as I was going home, I got to the bridge and got a better view of the scene. It was a dead body laying on the floor covered in a blanket next to the Red Cross van. This is dramatic. I don’t know what was its cause, but it is sad how people behave.

Yesterday, was my second day of walking, I came across a funny-parked car. The corniche parking space is so wide that people can park their cars and another 2-way line can function normally. Therefore, I absolutely have no explanation for this weird parking method.


Another thing, with all the storms happening, it seems that the sea that was tiled long ago in Dbayeh (based on the Lebanese saying: ballato l ba7r) is now falling apart. Trucks are loading sand from the Nahr El Kalb bay to fill the gaps. I wonder how long will it last. How much could nature hold to the cruelty of humans? We have seen, and are seeing some saddening examples such as the latest Japanese crisis.


160320112170 160320112166



I leave you with the photo of this beautiful dog that I enjoyed petting for a while. I just love big hairy things 🙂



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