It is the first time I actually buy a software. It is a mobile application. And since my laptop is not fully functional (due to lots of heart-breaking factors) I’m doing everything related to the Internet using my mobile (Nokia X6)
Last week, I got fed up with the Nimbuzz twitter application, and i don’t want to be found online on MSN, Facebook, Gmail, and Yahoo! each time I sign in to check my latest tweet. So I asked my lovely tweeps to recommend a good twitter mobile app. My friend @GinoRaidy recommended using Gravity.
I downloaded the 10 days trial version. But as soon as I used it, I fell in love with it. Its sometimes even better than using twitter on the web. You have everything in one place, and there is nothing you can do on the web that you can’t do on Gravity.

Yesterday, I actually bought a useful app for my mobile that will hardly fade away in the meantime.


(oh, and the screenshot has someone that looks like @_Ant1_)


6 thoughts on “Gravity

  1. WOW you’re integrating your online life with twitter more than I expected you would. Anyway, congratulations for your 1st bought app. It looks very useable and nice. I want to by a better phone myself because of what apps are capable of these days but also getting swayed to consider a tablet device, so I’m in limbo right now. Can’t buy both at the same time.

      • I am actually thinking of getting a Windows Phone and the HP TouchPad. I want to write apps for Windows Phone and webOS (TouchPad’s and Pre’s OS) so having this mix will be great. But I will have to wait anyway because new hardware is coming to the market and I don’t want to buy something and wish that I hadn’t paid for it then. Combined they cost a lot and whatever I buy I’ll be keeping for a really long time, about 5 years, so I am really cautious.

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