Radio Interview+ERROR


Tonight I will be on the radio. Not on the machine, but I will be a guest on a radio show. As friends and fans of Karol Sakr, Jean El Masri and I will be on Voicebook, a show by Sawt Al nujoum Radio (Voice of stars).

Till now, i only know that I will be talking about Karol, and that’s it. Only this morning that I entered their website to get their FM frequency (which is not saved on my mobile radio). I went through their programs to know that name of the program that airs Thursday night at 9. And there it is!!! VOICEBOOK


The website seems to be slightly, I mean TOTALY inspired by TRON the movie [Link] that is not that appealing for all generations of radio listeners.

While looking at the animated header, I noticed that it says, “WE’RE THE NEXT GENERATION RADIO & SOCIAL NETOWKR.” Now you are all probably correcting the information here; well, that’s what I did. I can’t believe such a mistake got through the web!

To be honest, I’m not very thrilled now about the interview, now that I have seen the website and its design. Anyway, I’m doing it for Karol and I’m going to see how can I talk about the new play I am preparing that will have a page on my blog soon.

Remember to listen to the interview on Sawt Al Noujoum on 95.9 – 107.7 – 108 FM at 9:00 PM and waiting for your feedback


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