Radio Interview

I will be having another radio interview this week. But this time, its for me and what I do, not for someone else’s publicity!
I will be going live on Sawt Al Noujoum again and on Jaras Radio.

Last month, I was on Sawt Al Noujoum in an interview to talk about Karol Sakr with my friend Jean El Masri. But to day, I will be live on Voicebook (a radio show) to talk about…… have you guessed???


Al Sira3

My new play

sira3 poster A3

The show starts at 9. I can’t make it at that time since my play starts at 7:30. so I have to rush (very fast) and get there before 11 in order to have my interview on time. I will keep you updated via twitter when I’ll get live.

I will be having another phone call by Jaras Radio to talk about the play too. I still dont know the exact time for that but I’ll be posting the time as soon as I get it.

reserve your places here

and have a look at our work since 2004 at


N.B. Karol Sakr and Samer Al Masri (3aqeed Bou Shhab from bab el 7ara) has confirmed their attendance to the play 🙂


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