Graduation Story 2011


To begin with, I’m not very excited about graduation (as you have already known.)
Read the full post to know why.

Im the lone boy for a family of 3 children, and I’m the oldest. It happened too that im the first member of the 3rd generation of “Abou Nasr Dit Assaad” family to be done with university studies and on his way to graduation (although I’m not oldest among my cousins.)


I finished my senior project in February and since then; I was working on my play in addition to my full time job at Sesobel. So, the whole spark of graduation has faded, add to that the fact that most of my friends has graduated last year.

I got the news last week, by SMS and by phone call. There was going to be graduation. The upsetting news was that we had to pay 390$ (or 591000 L.L.) in order to graduate. That’s almost as much as what I bust my a** out each month for.

I was thinking it over the last week, and then realized that if I pay it, I’ll spend the rest of the month on very tight budget. After consulting a few of my colleagues at work, I decided not to go to the ceremony at Biel (that AUST is famous for), and just go to the after-party at Janna Sur Mer.

When I broke the news to my mom, she got sad but didn’t say anything. Not until yesterday morning, the day I was planning to go to the campus and pay the money. She called in the morning, and expressed how happy she was that I finished my studies, and I’m her only son, and the first of the family to graduate. She also said that this is once-in-a-lifetime thing that you can’t have every year or every five years (since I finished in 5 years.) She also said, don’t worry, keep it to God, He’ll fix it the way He has always done (Allah bidabber). I almost broke into tears. I was touched by her words, and by mom’s lovely voice.

mom and me

How can a person be so cruel and break such an amazing woman’s heart? I couldn’t!

I can’t deprive her from seeing me in the graduation gown and cap getting my certificate. I didn’t have a graduation in high school either, I just borrowed the cap and gown to be photographed in and returned them afterwards.

Therefore, I had no other option but to happily go to AUST and register for walking in the graduation. Only there that I realized what is worse than what I had imagined.

If you don’t want to go to Biel, you are also entitled to pay 340$ in order to get your certificate.

I thought to myself that I’m glad I decided to go to Biel and participate in the whole event.

Now, its only June 3rd and I’m feeling like never got paid for this month. I’ll walk proudly to the rest of the month trusting God to help me through.

Oh, I forgot. Will you please lend me some money to buy the graduation suit and shoes?


3 thoughts on “Graduation Story 2011

  1. trust me hishamo, its an amazing feelings when u go up there call ur name and get the fake certificate …..
    its worth every penny…. and yes …. ALLAH BEDABER …
    just liked it

  2. yeah the fake certificate is the best and then u have to wait a whole year to get your real one lol but it’s worth it my friend at least for ur family and close friends u know. it’s like a movie i once watched it was about a wedding, they said “it’s your marriage but our wedding” and i think this somehow applies to all occasions such as graduation and the like lol. yalla june will pass in a jiffy hopefully 🙂 mabrouk

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