Lady Gaga spotted in Kaslik

Lady Gaga has been spotted parking in front of Zara Kaslik

You have seen me tweeting about it

Click Here to see it

Well, she might have mentioned us in her songs, but it will be a long time before we see her shaking it in Lebanon, especially after the ban/unban of her album

lady gaga in ZARA



3 thoughts on “Lady Gaga spotted in Kaslik

  1. For you haters out there that have called this accomplished woman every ridiculous title under the sun: Have you heard the words and her inspirations on this CD? She’s tapped every culture, several languages, and a multitude of music styles here. Not to mention she’s an incredible songwriter and her vocals are incredibly lush. On this CD she goes all out; she even supplies us with a country-infused ballad. For those who just like to spew hate and don’t even give a female musician the opportunity, I say spend more time honing your personal talents — when you reach super-stardom in your field, then you can definitely throw stones.

    • you know that i like lady gaga, and i have another post about the BTW grammy performance.
      im writing a post to be released soon about how she has worked her way up through the stairs to fame and why she should be admire whether you like her music or not.

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