A very unique deal

As I connected myself today on the web, I checked the list of daily deals in Lebanon. When I reached the last website, which was Scoopcity, I was shocked to see the kind of deal that was there.

The deal was for 10$
Original price: 10$
You save: 0$


Current Scoop

I saw a photo of school kids!

Then I saw the name of the deal: Bkaatouta summer camp

It is starting to make sense.

After reading the whole deal, it all made sense.

We are raising money to host a summer camp for young elementary school children from a public school called “Sayidat al Niyah” in a small village near Faraya.

The team of scoopcityteamed up with Bubble T (apparently a new tea-based drink with tasty “tapioca pearls in the end”) to help raise money for the summer camp. And the best part is that you get something in return.

It is a very beautiful gesture from such a website to help raise money for a good cause. And for sure, it is a new way to me (if you have already seen it in other places, please correct me.)

How does this affect the relation between Social Media and charities? Will we be seeing more of this?

How effective do you find this method, and how is its impact on the Lebanese society?

Share me your thoughts


One thought on “A very unique deal

  1. I personally think this is a great initiative by ScoopCity. It shows that group buying is not simply about discounted deals… “The best value for your money” just got even better as it is supporting a cause and helping children, who might never have the ability to purchase from such a website, go enjoy their summer the way they should! Heads up ScoopCity… you’re making our city “so much better”! 🙂

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