Abou L Abed

A new, apparently Lebanese, energy drink has emerged to the Lebanese market. It goes by the name “Abou l Abed” (a famous traditional Lebanese character known for being the center of lots of jokes)[Link]


After looking it up on Google, I have noticed that it is somehow an old product by California Garden [Link]. Looking through the trademark, I noticed that the product is registered in USA (San Francisco) since mid 2008 [Link].

I’m wondering what brought this energy drink now to Lebanon? Why didn’t it come earlier since it’s been around during the eruption of the Energy Drink era?

Do we need another energy drink in the markets?

After the big failure of AMP (as for [my] taste and energy level) and lots of others that follow, Marinas Turbo is another failure in the advertising section (cheesy ads and campaign+stupid/unrelated song playing with the ad) we don’t need another energy drink to take space on the shelves of the stores.


What do you think of this new product?

Share your thought.


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