Sports Event for SESOBEL

At the end of the school year, Sesobel had planned an enormous sports event. This event was prepared by the staff, educators, the children and their siblings and some professionals to train the children.


This sports event included tennis, balloons tossing, tae kwon do, basketball and dancing. Tony Baroud hosted the event, and a special appearance by two of the beloved Lebanese basketball players Walid Dumyati and Boulos Bechara. The dancing was led by Nadira Assaf, the owner of Al Sarab school for cultural dancing.

The event was held at St Antoine School – Ghazir on Thursday June 16th 2011 at the presence of Sesobel and Anta Akhi staff and disabled children and youth and their families. Children from all types of disabilities have gathered their powers together to make this event possible.

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Sesobel has always worked to ensure that children with disabilities receive proper care and get independent lives and ensure them dignity and wellbeing.

When you these kids having these activities just like any child can, you can never think but how Sesobel has managed to fulfill their goal towards the disabled children and youth, their families, and the society.

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