Make way. Here comes the boobs

An evening that mother nature despises.
An event that might help increase global warming, or it might help seal the hole in the ozone layer if [the silicone] used properly.

Yes, you guessed it. Its the Murex d’silic… I meant Murex d’Or 2011 (excuse me, still caught by the visuals)


The event of the year, although it was somehow well organized (during the show and before (the special episodes) the show) it turned out to be a complete failure for the Arab world. The event was a show-off for boobs and thighs. Few talents, and few were the ones who deserve the award, and few were maltreated (مظلومين) by making them stay for the whole evening and having their awards at the end when they should have had their awards at the beginning for them to go home and rest.

The night of the Murex d’Or, an evening waited for by lots, and despised by lots too. It is the same every year. You might rebuttal by saying that the Oscars are the same every year. Well…… (swiping my feet on the floor and scratching my head) NO, its not the same. Sure the Lebanese are trying to make something, and I pat their heads for that, but you made all that effort to get this,… try a little more, you might actually grab our attention more.

What really bugs me about the event is:
Its always the same people
Many special/honoring awards for people who don’t deserve it
Predictable results
Overdressing and over make-up
Fake emotions
Silicone faces
(feel free to add more categories…)

I wasn’t the only one thinking like this. Twitverse of the Lebanese tweeps was on its feet to comment on this evening.


Some where having direct comments on people: (and trust me, Nidal Al Ahmadieh couldn’t have thought of better comments)


Bassem Feghali was missed in these two years. But He is part of the LBC crew and can’t leave. Bassem we want to see you, you lighten the mood of everyone.

In case you ant more of yesterday’s comments, just tell me

What was wrong with the on-stage performances? None pleased me.

The only one I enjoyed was Ghassan Saliba and Al Fersen Al Arba3a. Other than that, it was a disaster; Playback disasters and even live singing disasters. No one was exempted from the twitter criticism, the people, the hair, the dresses, the breasts, their talk, their speeches, EVERYTHING!

Even this morning, Rima Njeim played the song Wael Kfoury sang during the event and following by the comment “Mary Sleiman accompanied by Wael Kfoury” (ماري سليمان يشاركها الغناء وائل كفوري)

No photos are available on the web, so the only photos are those of the tweets.

What do you think of the event? and how do you rate it?
Share your thoughts


4 thoughts on “Make way. Here comes the boobs

  1. i haven t watched the event but i can guess w@ u re talking about.but people,don t u think Lebanon has turned into fake boobs\botox republic?a few years ago we used to call Riviera the silicone,if u take a look @ all the lebanese nightclubs and the beaches (i d rather not mention any names),well,……i think it s pityful to see young girls and women undergoing plastic surgery so hysterically to end up looking like mummies!!! INSANE!!!

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