Al Sira3 on TV

Finally, my long awaited play is on TV.

The play, which I was a part of, took place at the beginning of May 2011. I worked hard on promoting this play via Twitter, radio stations interviews, and my blog (The Theatricals biography). Of course I helped too by designing a beautiful and meaningful poster to promote the play too.

The play starts with Pentecost and ends with Resurrection of Jesus Christ. In between are some glorious scenes including the miracle of Qana, the betrayal of Judas, and crucifixion. It also features some songs accompanied by dancing performances.

sira3 poster A3


The play is locally funded, no sponsors, just some donations from people who liked our previous work and decided to support us. The play was organized by Pére Andre Najm (the writer of the play) and JCC Dbayeh. It was directed by Nabil Karam (a well-known Lebanese teacher, actor and director) Clothes and wardrobe by Joanna Samarani. Setting decor by Joseph Akiki.

The actors are all from Dbayeh, Saint George church Parish to be specific.

Al Sira3 will be finally played on Tele Lumiere tonight (June 28th, 2011)  at 11pm.

It is a play that you would enjoy.


And for all my Atheist friends, the content is not to be commented on, just enjoy the performance. 🙂


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