#FeastForChange review

To start it off, I’m not much of restaurants goer, I’m new to this.

I love food, I love meeting new people, and I love events. Since I started tweeting, I started to discover these things about myself. Meeting with tweeps in different restaurants got me started into experimenting (or at least trying to experiment) with new foods.


#FoodForChange is a one-of-a-kind event. It is organized by the Syndicate of Restaurant Owners (Website) on Wednesday July 13th 2011 at the Sursock Palace. Lots of restaurants and alcoholic drinks brands were there exposing their foods and beverages. The best of it is that part of the revenues of the event go to the NGO for protecting natural sites and old buildings in Lebanon APSAD that Mrs. Sursock owns. The event was sponsored by Audi Bank and MasterCard.

The event started at around 8pm. I went there with @klorine and @Crouhana. We were surprised to meet lots of tweeps there like @mich1mich, @GinoRaidy, @funkyOzzi, @sam lb, @ritakml, @mishoricha, @yasminehajjar, @weam, (excuse me if I missed someone, just remind me and I’ll add the name) and there are some tweeps that I knew from their tweets that they were there, sadly I didn’t get to see them like @naema , @sdarine and others.

We started touring the place with our glasses of campaigns from the Martini® stand and @Crouhana and I wanted to try the smoked salmon from Salmontini. We tried the filet, strips and sliced salmons. @Crouhana didn’t like, and I didn’t get a reason. And since I haven’t tried and smoked salmon before, I thought it was pretty good but it is still not my favorite, especially the big chunky filets. The guys at the stand were pretty busy fulfilling the needs of the crowd. They were doing it well; the plates on the counter were always full.

(photo credits: BeirutNightLife)

The thing I liked there at the entrée was the sushi at the stand at the opposite side. but there has been something that I didn’t like about its service. There were two girls in front of the stand, I didn’t know why they were standing there for; they weren’t giving brochures nor greeting people. I passed next to the stand and not once have they greeted me or asked if they could help or invited me to try their food. They were just standing there looking and feeling awkward. I’m not an expert in sushi but I was going there and willing to try new stuff. The only sushi I ate was at a friend’s house and at my house (prepared by yours truly.) I had a few rolls and some spicy tuna salad. The guys behind the counter were working non-stop but were not able to comply with the crowd. Sushi takes time to prepare. And the plate had few pieces in comparison to the crowd around the stand eagerly seeking for sushi.

(photo credits: @Crouhana)

The stand next to it was by Eric Kaiser. I loved their bread. I had brown bread and olive bread. It wasn’t that hard like other bread but it was chewy yet pleasing.


(photo credits: @Crouhana)

There were other stands there serving more appetizers like fois gras and oyster shots by Tabasco® and some drink stands that I can’t remember their names.

(photo credits: BeirutNightLife)

284660_184728871588539_117259215002172_503370_6728114_n(photo credits: @Crouhana)

We went to the main court where a huge number of people were present and more restaurants to serve their drooling mouths. Chili’s, Leila, White Coast, BRGR and many others were in a hectic state grilling, cooking and serving the plates that had an interesting extension to place your glass. It was essential for you can’t hold your plate and your glass while you wanted to socialize, shake hands and get some food on your plate.

261595_184731144921645_117259215002172_503383_1909692_n(photo credits: @Crouhana)

The grill bar at the center of the garden was breathtaking. The smoke from the grilling would have definitely grabbed you by your nose and carried you to the end of the line waiting for their turn to get a mini brgr, or a slice of grilled medium rare steak, or some grilled shrimps with delicious marinara sauce. Since I don’t eat red meats anymore, I only enjoyed some nachos that Youssef(@Klorine) brought and some yummy white cheese and grilled shrimps dipped in marinara with wine from Ksara and elixir. But the wine that really caught me was that from Enologia. The Italian white wine was very smooth on the taste buds and very light to drink. You can enjoy a whole bottle of it at a low temperature and still have the ability to devour another one pleasurably.

feast_for_change_63(photo credits: BeirutNightLife)




After all the food we had, it was time to see what was waiting for us for dessert. We went down to the lower arena next to the stage that was encircled by the desserts tables, from the visually appealing macaroons, to the Italian ice cream, Arabic sweets, achta ice cream, and *drum rolls* THE CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN. Cyril and I indulged ourselves to our pants (literally, Cyril dropped some on his pants) in chocolate. Well, you couldn’t count on our review of the chocolate because it would be too subjective.130720114099(photo credits: @hishamad)

The entertainment that night (as it was provided to us=none) was by a band with a girl lead singer, and a rapper accompanying her. Then an opera singer went on the stage and delighted the audience with classic numbers. A music playing band (like marching bands) got the crowd off their seats with their energizing music beats and innovative playing techniques.

DSC_1865(photo credits: @ritakml)DSC_1915(photo credits: @ritakml)

Cyril, Youssef and I sat under the sky and spend the night chatting until we were the last to leave. It was the first time I met these guys, and I enjoyed the eve with them at the #FeastForChange. It was a nice event spent with nice people. And it’s a good step for me to get into the social life of Lebanon and the virtual social life of twitter and blogging.

A big thanks goes to our friend @mhijazi who was in charge for the whole SM campaign that got us into the event in the first place. Thanks for the invitations Smile.

If you were there, what was your point of view about that night?


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