What would you do with a 100$?

Inspired by yesterday’s fireworks fiesta that struck Lebanon; I came with a question in mind. What is the use of all the fireworks?

Do saints wait for us to celebrate their memorials with fireworks, parties, alcohol and feasts?

Has it really become essential for Lebanese to celebrate each holiday or saint’s day with all these useless show off?



Let’s not be away from the subject over here, what are fireworks for, except the noises, light, fumes, and money wasting? Nothing, at least in my point of view, but money wasting that only lasts for few minutes.

Yes, few minutes. Atkhan wa7di lasts for a minute, let’s say. So if you look at it like this, you are burning your money for few minutes of light works, noise and gun powder fumes.

What bugs me here is that everyone nags about how the economical situation is getting worse and gas prices are high wil ma3ash ma bikaffi (the salary isn’t enough) and so, but when it came to fireworks, everyone was doing it. I stayed around 2 hours in Marina Dbayeh and I was seeing fireworks all the time, even before and I after I was there. The longest one lasted for few minutes.

So it is just like burning a 100$ dollar bill and stand there fascinated about it. How would you enjoy that now?

I asked a question to my friends, family and fellow tweeps: What would you do, that would last for more than one minute, with 100$?



I got different answers.
While I was looking at the fireworks in the mini market next to my house, I got across the owner’s brother (a 40-something-year-old man with 2 young kids) and he saw me reading the price tags. He said to me, “I myself bought fireworks for 300$” “As long as I see my kids happy, I don’t care how much I spent”

I got different answers at home like
getting a massage,
watching movies
buying gold
have dinners in fancy restaurants
go and party
from my twitter friends, I got the following:
buy alcohol,
go clubbing.
Travel (depending in the country you are in)
devour some sushi !
hotel in arez or faraya
shopping in a bookstore

All of these ideas can be done for 100$ and enjoyed for more than 1 minute.

What do you think?
Would you burn a 100$ like that?

Share Your Thoughts


thanks to @AliElDali  @Leopolddaher @Wadad_a who gave me their answers on twitter


N.B: If you still have any idea for what to do with 100$ to enjoy yourself for more than 1 minute, feel free to share your thoughts


Update: I saw this photo this morning while I was going to work. I couldn’t help but take a photo of it.

Fireworks ban at Ain El Rihani

Fireworks ban at Ain El Rihani


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