Restaurant Review: Hawady


To cut the story short, we were at our second [play] rehearsals and we wanted somewhere to sit, eat, and talk. Someone proposed a place close; it was at Jeita roundabout next to Allegria, it is Hawady. We reached the place around 8. The restaurant has a terrace and a space indoors. We went indoors and it was empty.

As soon as we appeared at the door, all the waiters gathered and greeted us; – I don’t know if this should be considered welcoming or creepy (since we were the only one going in) – and guided us to a table we’d chosen. A waiter reached in and added the paper mats, forks and knives, and the menus. We first ordered arguileh with a special order. The arguileh boy got it wrong and brought us not what we wanted so we had to return it and repeat our order.

We ordered food and waited for it to reach our table. It took a lot of time regarding that there was no one but us. We had ordered:

· Greek Salad

· Garlic Bread

· Mozzarella Sticks

· Fries

· Potato Wedges

· Regular Pizza

· 2 Chicken Escalope platters

· Baked Halloumi (bil fokhar)

· 3 Beers

· 3 Pepsi

The drinks got there first, and then came the salad, then the wedges+stick+fries+garlic bread. What confused me was that the garlic bread was served on two plates. Then we knew that the top plate was extremely hot that they had to place another plate for them to serve them. That got me thinking, why anyone would heat a plate, unless the food was prepared earlier and then heated in a microwave!

The wedges were not as I expected them to be and they were served with cocktail sauce similar to that accompanying the mozzarella sticks. The salad was served with mustard and lemon with some mayo in it. Later on, the pizza arrived. After a long time, the halloumi “sharrafet” was served. And after a long long time, woslo 7adret janebon l djejet mantoufin w madbou7in w maltoutin bi ka3k w ma2liyin (=arrived in front of us) served with fries (or baked potatoes as ordered) and cabbage (or coleslaw as they wanted to name it) side salad.

We sat down, ate, talked and had arguileh. It was a long time that people started coming in. Well it was Monday evening, so it is excusable that few people where there. When we ordered the check, we were taken aback by the sum. It was nearly 100$.

Well it might sound like nothing, but come on! I could get better service at such a price. I could go to roadster for example and have a delightful time and enjoy tasty meals that would arrive on time and have the waiter check upon us in case we needed anything, and best of all: have free refills.
For God’s sake, we paid 3500LL for a regular Pepsi can with a glass full of ice. You might find it with a higher price in other regions but we were not having dinner in Down Town Beirut.

Anyways, we paid and left and headed for the valet parking guy to get us our car (typical modern Lebanese restaurants – or everywhere – visit ending)

My rating: 5/10
you nearly passed!

Next time I’d prefer go to our usual Sanior Kaslik, or in case more casual, B2B!


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