Another “Nawal El Zoghbi” custody case?

I came across this billboard on my way to work this morning.


Who is he? And why is he holding babies? and the title makes you go far with your imagination!
A man holding 2 babies with a title that says “Chou Byeb2ali” (what remains for me) with the number (used as letter as in arabish or chat language) highlighted in red!

Is it another custody case like that of Nawal El Zoghbi? Is it another divorce song?

بدك ترحل عادي, بس تركلي ولادي

What do you say?


4 thoughts on “Another “Nawal El Zoghbi” custody case?

    • I think you havent read the post.
      I havent been next to nawal’s looks, and dont you even get me started 🙂

      Do you have any idea who this new singer is?
      I have never heard of him

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