Times change!

I bet most of you have seen this photo over the internet, but times have really changed. Not everything that changed is related to the internet, some things have evolved into another forms.

On the musical part, people who couldn’t sing just couldn’t sing. Nowadays, auto tune!

Mails and greetings used to be personal and customized; nowadays they are emails and e-cards.

In the old days, people always cooked food at home, later on they started eating at restaurants, then came the delivery and take away where you can get restaurant food at your doors.

The same goes for water! People used to go to water springs (عين المي) located at the center of the village to bring water back home in pottery jars. Now, water and, in some cases, drinking water is delivered to the homes. But in some areas, water is not drinkable, as in our case in Dbayeh, so we tend to go to the Pumping Station in Dbayeh to fill water gallons because buying them would be very expensive. This is not just our problem; many others seem to have the same problem since the station is never empty at any time of the day or the night.

Old stories have always showed love developing on the water spring and on the road to and from it. Whether in songs, plays or old stories many men have met or waited for girls on the water spring without the knowledge of their parents. Well as I said before, times change! And the water spring is now the water pumping station.

Yester day I was there filling some of our gallons. The whole time there were a guy and a girl. They were clinging to each other, holding each other’s hands, kissing each other. Things have surely changed. Meeting a girl away from her parents and only aiming at getting a look from her or in very lucky cases, getting to actually talk to her has transformed into hugging, kissing her and going out with her in front of everyone with or without the knowledge of her parents (it doesn’t make any difference anymore)

If time is changing, and things and evolving, and with each development a piece of clothing is discarded, will the top human development is to live naked? It would be just like those primitive tribes in Brazil or the Amazons. If being developed is by getting naked, then they are too.


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