Our Caring MoT

Has anyone got this message on their mobiles?



It is a warning from the ministry of telecommunication for people not to fall for the spam messages they are receiving on their mobile phones.

For me, it has been a while I haven’t received any. And I didn’t receive the warning message either. Maybe I have immunity against such messages and I won’t fall for them and call such stupid services.

And for the work of the MoT, try focusing on getting the services better; work on improving the mobile services and hurry up in getting DSL services fast and cheap and get us that damned 3G we have been waiting for.


3 thoughts on “Our Caring MoT

  1. Well i personally got a different message from the MOT and it was half english and arabic which was a fail. The sad thing is that a lot of people are falling for these scams the other day while i was sitting in a cafe i heard 2 people talkin about a friend of theirs who received a msg that he won 50 000 and the idiot called.. the next day i get the MOT sms.

    I do agree that a boost in DSL and services is a must asap. Let’s hope the 2-3 weeks he talked about won’t take forever like always .

  2. I once fell for a spam message that told me I won money in a random draw on MBC channel. When I called it was a sex hotline. The moment I heard الخط الساجن spoken in a slutty manner I realized that I lost a bunch of units and pressed all the buttons to hangup the phone.

    Moral of the story: Don’t these spammers know the internet exists,… for free?

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