Zouk Mikael Festivals

I haven’t been blogging for what seems around 10 days, but I have been a bit busy. I apologize for those who follow my blog, and for those who don’t, well, they don’t. I have been rehearsing our newest play that is going to take place in Zouk Mikael. This play has made it to light in less than a month, gathering the actors, rehearsing, finishing the stage and décor and lighting and clothing in less than A MONTH. This is a record for us (and no I won’t get the Guinness people to record that) but we have made a 45 min performance in less than a month with a rate of 3-4 rehearsals a week.

Back to my post:


The municipality of Zouk Mikael organizes The Old Souk (السوق العتيق) annually. People display their goods, handcrafts, artworks, etc.… while visitors gather and shop at this authentic Keserwany place.

The souk features shops, exhibitions and old professions. I was fascinated by the soaps, pottery making, carving and glass making. I also loved the shops and food places there; it’s crowded and full of life. Lebanese nights are always like that, and that’s how it should be.



As part of Zouk Mikael Festivals, St. George Church in Zouk Mikael is having a series of performances to celebrate this week. St. George church is known for its historical aspect as the oldest in the region.

Zouk Poster

Yesterday was the 2nd day, but it was the first in the church’s program. The singer Nabiha Yezbek was there to perform some her best Christian chants.
She is famous for the chant “Yasou3 Anta Ilahi” (يسوع أنت إلهي)

Today, Saturday is a day off for us, but it’s not for the Souk. The souk will continue its activities till next Sunday, which means till a week from now.

The program that the church has prepared included a poetry night with Mr. Jean Kassis who is a well known actor too, Mr. George Khabbaz the comedian actor, Mr. Nader Khoury the singer and a member of Al Fersan Al Arba3a, and others. The week will also feature a short play (around 45 minutes) by The Theatricals and the youth of the Church.

The play is a comedy infused play with a hint of religious aspect and messages. It will be performed on Tuesday 23rd August 2011, at 8:30 pm. No seats reservations and no tickets, everyone is welcomed. Here are some of the rehearsals photos.


Come and pay a visit to the souk and enjoy your summer nights.


2 thoughts on “Zouk Mikael Festivals

  1. hello. i would like to know what to do in order to get a stand for this summer 2013 in the zouk mikael festival. who should I contact? thank you!

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