Should we get our hopes up for an Oscar?

After the major success of “Where do we go now”, Nadine Labaki’s new film, and after the tweets we tweeted (#WhereDoWeGoNow4Oscars) on twitter upon the release of the movie about how the movie deserves an Oscar, I’m afraid I’ll burst your bubble that there is a high probability that the movie won’t stand a chance.

I was looking at the movie’s profile on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes and checking what is people’s reaction toward it. I wasn’t looking for praise comments, we all expressed how much we loved it, but I was looking for what negative reviews it got. I was surprised about the ideas those reviewers has put forward.

Here are 2 reviews that i came across:
On Emanuel Levy

and you can check more comments on  Rotten Tomatoes

I was thinking if those westerns has really got what the movie is all about. I was hesitant. The movie won People’s Choice Award in Toronto. This means, people got the idea behind the movie and chose it from a wide selection of movies. On the other hand, some people counted the movie as a full of stereotypes or clichés or a chick fling or something like that. A lot of westerns wouldn’t get the internal Lebanese situation unless they were in contact with a Lebanese or have lived with them.

I only hope that the ones responsible for choosing a winner in the Oscars would understand the movie and its success among the Lebanese and of course I as well as all of you wish the film a big fat Oscar!


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