A Sin You Can’t Get Rid Of; FOOD #BAD11

Hi, my name is Hisham and I’m a food addict.

Well, I’m not pretty much an addict. I can control my food consumption, and I (somehow) keep an eye on my diet. But the thing is, food is essential and you cannot avoid it, unlike cigarettes or any other bad habit.

What I enjoy more than eating is looking at food photographs. Photographers try so hard to get the photos to be the most appealing and drool-provoking.

I came across this site as I was tweeting, and I kept tweeting photos from it. Its Food Porn [LINK]

I enjoy looking at food blogs more than I enjoy making the recipes they offer. I buy cooking magazines to enjoy the photos that are sometimes simply delicious.

Some of my favorite food blogs photos are:

A very organic and natural blog with a relaxing mood that opens your appetite.

Colourful Palate
A healthy-recipes blog that excites you to try the recipes it features.


And here is the porn selection I got you today:

For more of those photos, go to FoodPornDaily.com


One thought on “A Sin You Can’t Get Rid Of; FOOD #BAD11

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