I love Christmas time, but…

Its Christmas time. Lots of people celebrates it nowadays regardless of their religion (according to a poll by Gino’s Blog) Decorations are all over the streets, Christmas songs are playing everywhere, and traffic choking the streets. One thing worst than the Christmas traffic is Christmas songs.

I’m sick of hearing those lousy Christmas songs over and over wherever I go. To give you  a taste of it, I have collected a series of those songs for you to enjoy:

One of the worst!
By Boney M

and the famous “Happy New Year”

Not until I researched these songs that I knew that some of them were by well-known artists like Boney M and ABBA. Last Christmas by WHAM (or George Michael mainly) was one of my favorites until I kept hearing it over and over and listening to the many remixes that ruined the original version.

Being forced to listen to this selection over and over is not a pleasant thing. They start to annoy you and you might go crazy. I don’t know how people who play these songs can handle listening to them all day long. I swear, last year when I went Christmas shopping at the supermarket, I got my earphones with me and play my favorite music.

I thought of burning some new (maybe not new but at least different) Christmas songs on CDs and distribute them wherever I go for people to play them because I can’t stand hearing those songs looping anymore. There are a lot of beautiful Christmas songs, for example, Mariah Carey has two Christmas albums, The Gregorians has Christmas Chants, and even Lady Gaga [Link] and Justin Beiber have Christmas songs.

[Justin Beiber and Mariah Carey have recorded All I Want For Christmas but I will not post it. I love Mariah Carey, but is she that desperate now that she used Justin to raise her popularity?]

With the spread of digital music nowadays, I don’t think getting some [pirated] music from the internet is that difficult. SO PLEASE shops and supermarkets, get some new wider variety of Christmas songs.

I have chosen some nice Christmas songs

Enjoy your Christmas whichever way you celebrate it.


2 thoughts on “I love Christmas time, but…

  1. Oooh you should also add Brenda Lee “Rockin around the christmas tree” 😀 And add some christmas classics sung by Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra. No one plays those and they’re amazing versions!

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