E-mediat Networking Conference


I am currently attending the E-mediat Networking Conference 2012 at the Dead Sea in Jordan. The conference is for selected participants from those who participated in the E-mediat training in Lebanon and in Jordan. The series of training sessions were given to Lebanese and Jordanian NGOs (in Lebanon and in Jordan respectively) And I was chosen to attend representing the NGO I work for; SESOBEL.

I am here in Jordan on a goal; to start networking with the other Lebanese NGOs and Jordanian NGOs. I have already made friends. And we are somehow sharing our experiences in the field of social networks and managing them for NGOs.

Today is our first day here. We heard speeches from E-mediat representatives from Lebanon and Jordan, and from the founder of E-mediat Beth Kanter. And now we are listening to success stories from 3 Lebanese NGOs and 3 Jordanian NGOs.

The event is sponsored by the presence of Her Highness Princess Rim Ali.

I will keep you posted with all the updates.



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