E-mediat networking conference II


As I stated in the previous post, I was representing the NGO I work at; SESOBEL in the E-mediat Networking Conference in Jordan. The conference allowed the participants from Lebanon to interact with those from Jordan. And it also features additional material that were not given at the separate trainings in the past few months.

The conference was held at Marriot – Dead Sea. It featured many speeches, trainings and exercises with speakers Beth Kanter, Ayman Itani and many others. The agenda was packed; from 9 to 6 with lunch break and few coffee breaks.Topics included:

  • Principles of successful networked NGOs
  • Principles of Social Media
  • Content Curation
  • Making trainings interactive
  • Integrated content strategy
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Creating great content for blogs (and Editorial Calendar for blogs)
  • Content and Measurement for Facebook
  • Facebook Editorial Calendar

20120320_131959I would like to give a salute to the instant translators who were present and focused the whole time.


The materials given were for sure beneficial, yet we were bombarded with them that we weren’t able to process them all at once. But we were given all the presentations (+the notes) so that we could get back to them.

The organizers made sure that the participants interacted well. In addition to the conversations during meals and coffee breaks, there was like a game where each participant has to get to know 10 other participants, write down their names on the given sheet with one thing they find in common.


Even though we knew each other (Lebanese participants), at this conference we had the chance to get to know more about each other and about the work we do. We are going back to Lebanon with lots of things to do. And if some of us get the chance to go back to Jordan we’d definitely make sure to have a swim in the Dead Sea. Yes, its something we didn’t get to do!


I would consider coming back to Jordan. Luckily, I stayed for extra 3 days in Amman where I was having a good time with food-loving friends Winking smile
All the fun will be shared in the next post. Stay tuned!


Here is Beth Kanter’s post about the conference: E-Mediat Networking Conference at the Dead Sea, Jordan


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