The new kid in [android] town: instagram

imageWhat is Instagram?
It is a photo sharing app that allows you to take photos and edit them with the help of some preset frames, filters and effects and then share them on a variety of social networks.

Is it only for professionals?
If it was at first, its not what it has become. Instagram has become a popular app and allowed EVERYONE to share photos.

Does Instagram make you a better photographer?

NO! You are not allowed to call yourself a photographer after using Instagram, not by owning a DSLR camera. Its true that the images will come out better, but you you can’t include PHOTOGRAPHER to you twitter bio.
The quality (before Android release) is better simply because the iPhone camera is good. Now that everyone will be using the app, expect lower quality photo, and the filters can’t help you now.


iPhone users have been using this app for quite a long time, but now its time for Androids to use it too. Instagram have become as popular as the iPhone itself. Up until Instagram decided to release the app for Android, a number of similar apps have risen for all the other devices. I can mention 2 of the leading apps in this category; Molome for Symbian and Blackberry (if people are gonna use it anymore) and Lightbox and Path for Android.

Instagram for Android was released on April 3rd, 2012. The number of users have surely increased. Many eager Android users (like yours truly) have been waiting to try it. Instagram have reached 27 million users last month . Numbers for Android will have to wait a bit.

I expect a lot of people to join Instagram (and yes, Justin Beiber is already there, and his Beliebers will surely be joining) and a lot to be ditching or posting less (because it will because mainstream) One sure thing, the quality of the posted photo is going to be different, not only because it is having a wider market, but because not all Android operated devices have good cameras.

In conclusion, nothing can be used exclusively by one group of people (especially when it is a good app as Instagram) anymore. We have to embrace this move and see where it goes.

For new users (like me), here are few reads to help you get started:
30 Helpful Instagram Tips
How to Use Instagram to Tell and Sell Your Marketing Story

So, how is Instagram for Android going?
You tell me!


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