My Eatalian Experience

20120315_170805 copyAs some know me by now, I am a food lover. I love food, I love spices, and I love to try new tastes (I acquired that recently) and explore recipes from different cultures. I love cooking and I love going to restaurants and trying the food they serve.

I went around a month ago to Eatalian; an Italian restaurant. It might not be the most authentic Italian restaurant in town but it did well. The restaurant had a menu and interior theme. This period’s theme was Napoli. I went to their Kaslik branch. The interior is nice and cozy and relatively spacious but what is disappointing a bit is the view in front of the restaurant. Nothing exciting is there, just a flat building and barely any people.

I was there to try the food, not the view. I went at a time when barely anyone would go dine. The restaurant was empty and I was the only one there. I took my time looking at the diverse selection of dishes on the menu that ranged from salads and appetizers to main courses and desserts. As a graphic designer (check how it happens with any other graphic designer) I checked the menu a few times before observing the content of the menu. I had picked my dishes:
Rucola Salad
Salmone Al Sale
Torta Di Ricotta
and a glass of White Wine.

20120315_173352 copy

It is essential in lots Mediterranean countries to use Olive oil. Olive trees grow all over the Mediterranean coast and have affected the cuisine of those countries. The appetizer served first is warm bread, black olives, and a small pot of olive oil with a dash of balsamic vinegar. Until the salad was served, I indulged in this simple delicacy.


Rucola salad was light and the balsamic dressing brings out the flavors well. I waited for some time before Salmone Al Sale finished cooking and is brought to my table. The waiter brought the roasted vegetables plate and immediately brought the salmon; baked perfectly in bread till done. It was tender and moist. The combination of flavors was blissful especially with the glass of white wine.

20120315_182735 copyI took this alone time to relax and think. The surrounding was serene especially that no other costumer was there at the time I planned my lunch/dinner. I took out my sketchbook and scribbled a few ideas and took sips of my wine and waited for the appropriate time for dessert; Torta Di Ricotta. It was a bit too sweet for me; I would have preferred it with a citrusy tang.

20120315_185009 copy

There are things that I like to enjoy by myself; a cup of coffee, a good dish, and a tasty dessert to focus on the flavors and aromas from food. It’s no good wasting such pleasures by being busy talking to the other persons, unless that other person is willing to fully indulge in food delight and then discuss whatever crosses his/her mind.

What was a good Italian experience you’ve had? And would you share your food or you prefer to keep it for yourself?

7 thoughts on “My Eatalian Experience

  1. Hey! It’s cupcakes again 🙂 just wanted to share that I’ve been to Eatalian and thought it was a lovely place. Unlike your experience I was there with a group of 8 people and everything we ordered was just divine. Definitely a place to try again, but I’m hoping they’d open closer to Beirut.

  2. being italian myself, and a food lover, i’m curious to see what an italian restaurant can look like…your review sounds interesting so who knows, maybe in my next trip to leb i’ll give it a try 😉

      • welcome to italy whenever you can! 🙂
        i checked the eatalian website to scroll down the menu but all i could find were generic pics (disappointed)…i should definitely come to leb and check myself hehe

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