A forced detox


As part of my offline activities, I went to look for some new clothes with my sister but I couldn't find anything that fits my taste. Well, I find few, including this shoe that I've spotted a few days earlier.

I am writing this post from my mobile phone. This is the first time I use my mobile for posting a blog post. Why? Because I’m on a forced detox from my laptop. No, I’m ok, but my laptop isn’t. It is suffering from a hard disk problems but it is being fixed.

It will be 2 weeks till Friday but you know how everything that has to be done just pops at such times? Well let me say I managed to get things done with something old and something borrowed. And thanks to my smartphone I am still surviving (wow, I really sound like an addict)

It’s not a complete detox from technology but it took me away from my long hours I spend on the laptop. In fact, I managed to do lots of (offline) thing. I got along with my little sister, I made few sketches for ideas I had, and I even made a new dessert recipe and repeated it to perfect it (will be posted later)

We are now in a world where technology is a must. You cannot but at least use ONE device. Imagine if 2012 was the day the world would end and disasters would ruin all technologically advanced networks and devices and you were to survive, what would you do without all what we have now? And if you were to save ONE device with you, what would choose?


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