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While going through one of the good and well-known Lebanese blogs; Beirut NTSC, I noticed one blog post. This post is a photo of a LEBIDAHO (Lebanon’s IDAHO | International Day Against Homophobia) poster that has been defaced (as the post stated). The campaign came after the infamous Mohamad Sibai article (it happened to be this way) and people (especially bloggers and activists) were still hyped about homophobia and such an [AUB] tragedy.

While looking closely at the poster, you’ll notice that the word GAY is scratched out. At first, i thought it was a some sort of vandalism but as I looked closer into the subject, I noticed that their whole campaign revolved around Uncensoring Yourself. And they showed it by criticizing how the world behaves towards homosexuality and homosexuals as taboo subjects. I am not going to lie to you, but i wished the previously mentioned poster was a product of vandalism. It would have been more shocking (that someone would actually take the time and scratch all those posters) and I had an idea to twist the situation to the LEBIDAHO’s side. Anyways, I’m going to state it.

The though that came to my mind was: What if we would just remove labels? What if we would stop labeling people by their sexual preference? Look at the poster again. Read it as it is. Nothing is wrong with it. What is wrong with 2 people holding hands? Nothing, except the labels you put.


4 thoughts on “No H8 Lebanon

  1. This idea came after last year’s posters were completely torn down, not even 24 hours after we put them up. So yes, our posters have been defaced and this campaign is our response to what happened last year.

    Also, our campaign is not based on the Mohammad Sibai article, it’s just a coincidence that he posted his article a week before IDAHO which is on the 17th of May.
    This is just one poster of 20 others, I hope you get to check them all out!

    Thank you for writing that post, and I love your idea. Labels are definitely what cause discrimination, everywhere in the world.

    And one last comment, NOH8 is an American campaign fighting an American law (Prop 8). We do not have any Prop 8 in Lebanon, instead we have our beloved Article 534. NO534 would be a more suitable title, I guess? 🙂

    • Yes, I didn’t say the campaign is a result of the article, I said it happened to be that way (se2abet)
      I just saw other posters on your blog, I havent found them while searching.
      And about the name, I have seen the NO H8 on several celebrities profile pictures. We should either claim to change the article number to 8 (for it to be more suitable as Leb NO H8) or come up with a better name 😛

  2. it may be simplistic but already the possibility of showing such posters or having association like helem or the like it’s a big step forward.
    a toast to all the non-labelled in and outside lebanon, i’m with you all

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