#SunsetTweetup at St. Elmo’s Seaside Brasserie

I was craving for a glass of wine. Mom had a bottle of white wine (BTW, white is my favorite) in the kitchen, but it was cooking wine. I tried to have a glass of it, but ended up barely able to have a sip. Gladly, I was able to get my wine craving fix the next day at St. Elmo’s Seaside Brasserie. I also went shopping on Friday and I bought myself a couple of white wine bottles.

I was invited to #SunsetTweetup on Thursday June, 14th at St. Elmo’s Seaside Brasserie at Zaytounay Bay along with a group of tweeps, bloggers and foodies. We gathered at around sunset (duh! The name) and had drinks and chats and I got to catch up on those I haven’t met for quite some time before getting seated for food.

Before the food was served, I noticed the [beautiful] Mason Jars that I have been searching for and trying to figure out if we have any here in Lebanon. And now, FOOD! From the appetizers menu we had Lobster Summer Rolls served with 2 different dipping sauces and edamame. We also got served Carpaccio parmesan salad and a fattoush-like salad. The cute waitress was passing around the tables with a tray of Lobster roll; a soft bun with lobster meat chunks mixed with a sauce. I was told that one of their specialties is the Mac and Cheese; it was served freshly baked in a cast iron skillet right before the Mini Burgers. Another specialty of theirs is Fish & Chips. Don’t get me started on their desserts. We shared a Soft Center Chocolate Chip Cookie and Deep Fried Mars Bar (both served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream) and may I say I melted with every bite? And you just can’t explain the sounds that were coming from our table.

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#SunsetTweetup was a pleasant gathering in a nice venue. The atmosphere is relaxing and the decoration is nice. Their menu has a variety of dishes that are as well presented as their deliciousness. I also loved the service. It was quite fast and the waiters were friendly and helpful. The cute waitress that served our table was energetic and joyful; she also proposed a few good drinks that we enjoyed.

To sum it up, St. Elmo’s is a nice escape from the hectic city (but not from people).


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