We almost died

I almost died. No not because I didn’t have anything to eat, but because we got into a car crash. We crashed into an electricity pole. I was with a group of friends coming down from Wadi Al Karm when our car slipped on turn full of gravel right at about Wadi Al Jamajem (Valley of skulls) and instead of falling into the slope, fortunately we crashed into the pole.

None of us was deeply hurt, just minor cuts or bruises. I have a sore tibia bone, a swell around the elbow and a fractured nose. I’m grateful that it happened to be just that, not more. We could have been sleeping with skulls, but luckily we survived.

I’m very glad I’m alive, and I survived to tell what I’ve experienced, even such a small crash. It is my first accident (and I hope I don’t experience it again), it’s my first time to be in such face-to-face incident with death. In such moments, we strive to stay alive, with all your power not knowing how big (or small) the situation we are in, but what matters is that we survive.

While we were at the emergency at the hospital, we were laughing at what happened, laughing at how we escaped. We had nothing better to do. I find no interest in resting my cheek on my fist and weep. Laughing got us through what we faced.

In the end, I’ll only advise everyone to be careful on the roads. It’s not worth dying because of any avoidable cause.


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