My own disastrous album cover

No, I don’t look like any of these photos, and of course not after the car accident I had last week. But after the the series of weird (probably mutated) horribly edited photos released by some Lebanese famous singers, I got a weird rash that was only cured by creating some mocking photos of my own. To save myself the trouble of replying to those crazy fanatics of those singers, I dug up some photos of myself and mutated them so that they’d fit into this new emerging trend.

Around a year ago, I took a photo that resembled the cover photo of Nawal El Zoghbi, but this post is totally a different issue.
hisham nawal side by side

These are some of the most recently released photos:
182826_10151074568690934_1501205447_n 251822_432397160115665_1083401087_n 317988_427141673974547_1104367692_n 533370_10150750110847016_1221603954_n

I have no idea what got into their (or the designer, photographer, art director, or whoever worked on these photos) heads. But I know that I had fun creating the following very-fake photos:
modern liberties Beauty and food Unholy Jagal
These are extensively edited photos of me. Some are even mutated, plastified and air-brushed to look as fake as possible.

I have to state it again: I worked on photos of me to avoid any copyright infringement or any response from fans of the above celebrities that would like it even if they stored their poop in jars and sold it.


One thought on “My own disastrous album cover

  1. Well so sad those ugly pics specially Elissa is she going to a Funeral !!!! but you made me LMAO with nawale picture u gad the same one hahahahahah & the Hayet el jagal so3be typically khaliji style hahahahaha i love ur work :D\

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