SESOBEL’s day trip

t-shirts by SESOBEL's children

I have been working at SESOBEL for exactly 2 years till this day. It’s an amazing experience getting in contact with the world of disabilities. Having direct contact with the children with disabilities made me try to look differently at my life and my goals.

It’s true that my work is not directly related to the children, and most of my contact with them is through their photos, but the morning gathering at the entrance, the activities that I take part in, or the hello and little conversations I have with some of them made me get attached to them more and more. The only group that I work with is the young adults with physical disabilities at the computer graphics and design sheltered workshop where I train them and direct their design work. I have also spent a weekend with them along with my local choir back when I was still new at SESOBEL. It was certainly a new thing to take care of another person for a change.

autism wrist band

Speaking of taking care of another person, this was the theme of this year’s end of year day trip. Following the enormous team effort that won us the first prize at the BLC Bank competition, the administration decided to go for a day trip with the whole team of SESOBEL; staff and children. Each employee was assigned to accompany a child for this day. I got 2 and another kid that clung to me. They were all awesome and easy to deal with. I already know them and pass by their class at least once a week and have a talk or kid around with them.
The day went smoothly. All I had to do was to be around in case my kids needed anything. At lunch, I sat down with one kid and we attacked the humus plate (as well as other plates) and I was lucky he was a food lover too. We danced together with his friends in the wheelchairs and had so much fun. Towards the end of the day, he told me that he won’t be here for the summer camp, and won’t come back till October. And then he leaned towards me and told me he’s going to miss me. I hugged him, kissed his forehead and told him I’m going to miss him too. I was very touched. I didn’t think I would affect this kid by just few good mornings, kidding around from time to time and this amazing day.

3 hands 2 hands

After this day, I stand speechless in front of those children. I salute their will. I salute their strength. I salute their parents and their teachers who are helping them each day. And until October, I’m going to miss my friend. He doesn’t know how much his simple behavior has touched me.


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