Fawazeer Ramadan

I am a 1988 kid. My childhood was awesome. Of course not as awesome as those born at the beginning of the decade (and even before) but I caught up to the awesomeness of that decade. One of the things we waited for with anticipation each year around this time, not summer but Ramadan, was Nelly’s fawazeer (quizzes musical show). Yes, it was a Ramadan tradition. In case you don’t know who Nelly is, she was the leader in those fawazeer, along with another performer; Sherihan.

The show consists of musical numbers made especially for the show, in which they try to hint for a certain subject, item, country or whichever topic they would choose each year. The shows were really awesome and were highly and well produced (of course you’re talking in the 90’s, and in Arab countries mainly Egypt) that had much attention and imitation. To me, Nelly was and still is the number one in Ramadan Fawazeer.

I got this nostalgia from a video that one of my Facebook friends shared today of Sherihan’s Fawazeer (video above.) A similar video on YouTube was Nelly’s fawazeer intro from her 1990 show. (Video below)

While watching the video, memories flooded in my head. I can remember the show clearly. I remember the scenes; I remember the song, the lyrics, the tune, nelly’s moves, and everything. I can’t hide that I couldn’t hold back my tears. It is something from my childhood I can really relate to. I used to sing and dance to Nelly’s fawazeer and I used to cur small pieces of paper and throw them in the air when Nelly does that in the intro. And then I get yelled at by mom for messing up the place and I’m forced to clean the place up. (and this is something I just discovered; my love for musicals, theater, and performances roots back to when I was young.)

These 2 women were incredible at his industry. NO ONE, and I repeat, NO ONE was ever able to dethrone them not even the recent attempts (with the very high-cost production) that were just too naïve and vague.

On Nelly’s fawazeer show: (shown above) the musical quiz show is called 3alam wara2, wara2, wara2 (A world of papers) where she shows in the intro how we have papers for our whole life, since birth. And in each episode, she had songs and performances that hint at a type of paper used in a human’s life.

Another note: look at her dance moves. Not even Myriam Fares had made something close to this.


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