Balls, opens it in you face!

A few months ago Halls had huge billboards all over the roads along with a TV campaign to go with their advertising campaign. I found it weird that it was not mentioned on any related blog. I am not going to review it (I don’t know if it is worth reviewing by Brofessional Review) but I have done a parody ad of this campaign.

halls unipole

Halls, the cough drops, or the candy we shared during boring classes, had a slogan for quite some time; بتفتح معك/بوجك مع هالز.
Which literally translates to: It opens with you/in your face with Halls. My little sister kept on sharing a silly joke everyday at lunch that it became a habit. Each time she starts by saying “I’ll tell you a joke” at lunch, we laugh sarcastically to stop her from saying it. One day as we were going up the mountain on our way to Jounieh, I noticed this Halls ad up the unipoles with different variations. I instantly remembered The Lunch Joke and laughed. It instantly came to my mind.
The joke was: واحد رايح يغير جرة الغاز، قال لإمه ادعيلي، قالتلو الله يفتحها بوجهك
A rough translation: A man went to change the gas jar, he asked his mother to wish him luck, and she said “may God open it in your face”

I decided to use this silly joke and mock that ad with my own twist. Here you go: Balls; Opens it in your face.

balls unipole

P.S: we still use those jars even though lots of them are potential threats (and some have actually exploded, or did they?)

Another P.S: The image of the product is digitally painted from scratch.


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