A new cast member on Glee?

I have promised long ago to show my love towards Glee. I have waited till the right time. Now that Glee is back, and I have watched its competitor SMASH, I can now write my opinion.

I am a fan of musicals. I love the theater, mostly musical theater or plays that have music and choreography in them. Due to the lack of any play that fall in this genre, I had to search for some original musicals from Hollywood and Broadway. I didn’t have someone to guide me through some of the classics, so I enjoyed what I would stumble upon.

I have to be honest that I enjoyed it when I took my little sister and her friends to watch High School Musical 3 at the movie theater but I didn’t get its fever on. But around a year or so ago, a friend convinced me of giving GLEE a shot. So I did. I downloaded season 1 and 2, and what have already been aired of season 3 and starting watching it. And after finishing the 3 seasons, I watched SMASH during the summer and went crazy for it.

Glee-cast-glee-10513644-800-600 smash-cast-nbc

Glee is nice, Smash is grand. I watched both and loved them. Each series has its own environment. They both have songs and dances, but songs choice and the placement are what make the difference. I danced to both of them, laughed with both, cried with both, looked up the lyrics, memorized them, look for the originals, loved the artists, and many things more. I loved glee for its simplicity, those teenage problems and the goofs of the characters especially Brittany, the villains, the underdogs and above all, their whole theme of self acceptance. Smash is more of real life drama; the competitiveness, the favoritism, relationships, cheating and the show business. smash bombshel

I watch Glee because I like to think that the world can be a better place. I believe that I can feel better by singing a song that suits my mood. I can rejoice, cry, sob, jump and feel free. And there is almost a character that you can relate to. The thing that turned disturbing a bit to the audience and caused a decline in the number of viewer is that the show got silly. Barely any plot, stuffed songs, too many characters with minimum character development, many homosexual characters and celebrity stunts with the purpose of increasing the rating have caused even gleeks (glee fans) to complain about the latest episodes. Now at the start of season 4, the writers promised the show to regain its position and become more serious. They’d better do it well; the audience that started watching the show 3 years ago have grown 3 years older now and if the writers want the show to still relate to this category of audience, they’d better adapt.


I liked Smash for its realistic view of things. It shows a process of work in show business with all its hard times and joys along with the personal lives of the characters. The thing that gains Smash a +1 against Glee is their original songs. The songs created for the show can be nothing but ready for Broadway. On the contrary, their covers are not that good compared to Glee’s. If the producers of SMASH decide to take the fictional play-within-the show to Broadway, I would love to go and watch it, but I wouldn’t think of going to watch the Glee kids (they’re not kid anymore) on tour. What I also loved was how the songs are edited into the scenes; the scenes seem natural, and the sound is like you’re with them in wherever they are (you can hear the echo and the sound effects from the surrounding) unlike glee where the music seems to be laid on top of the video just like that. Smash is also promising for a fantastic second season to compete with Glee by guest starring artists like Jennifer Hudson and Sean Hayes (Jack from Will & Grace.)

Smash smash ivy karen

I have to note that because of Glee I got to know lots of classic songs. Glee has covered songs from classic Broadway musical or by divas like Barbra Streisand, and they even paid tributes to classic movies and musical along with tributes to notable artists that left a mark in the music industry like Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. And because of Glee, I got curious to know the origins of some tracks covered on the show. That led me to like the original artist’s songs that were not covered.


At the end, I am a music lover. And I choose what appeals to my taste regardless of the artist or genre. And whether you like it or not, it seems like the age of musicals is coming back now that it is becoming popular with TV series, and the anticipated Les Misérablesby the gorgeous Anne Hathaway.

And for the surprise, I have made my Glee cast member photo.

Hisham glee 1750 marked

Tell me, have you watched any of those 2?
Have you watched a musical before? What is your favorite?

What do you thing of the whole thing?


4 thoughts on “A new cast member on Glee?

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  3. First of all, I would like to say that even though I haven’t watched the TV series “SMASH”, I can perfectly agree with every thing you have said about Glee. Sometimes the music scenes are misplaced and extremely irrelevant. It’s actually funny how the band members (including the weird old blond pianist) are part of the decor of the choir room. They have no names, they have no roles. You say “hit it”, the song starts playing.
    Unlike what they promised, season 4’s storylines aren’t that serious. One must agree that the story line of anorexic Marly and her obese mom is definitely realistic but let’s take a look at the new male glee actors: Ryder a.k.a dyslexic boy and Jack, Puckerman’s half brother who is making a drama out of nothing and constantly complaining about being half white, half black; half christian, half jewish. Their storylines are exaggerated and not so realistic.
    Moreover, instead of casting new actors to make the new season fresh, Glee are replacing their previous actors and actresses by their look-alikes. While Kitty is freakishly alike to Quinn, Wade is turning into Mercedes one episode at a time. Also Brody is nothing but a more handsome version of season’s 1 “Jesse St James”. Rachel and Sue Sylvester however have proved that they cannot be replaced. ^_^
    Finally,I can’t be the only one who feels like the show is running in circles. Season 4 is still half way but I highly doubt there would be a season 5 for the show if it does not bring something NEW and controversial to the table.
    P.S: Seriously considering watching Smash after reading your article. Great Blog!Keep posting, Hisham!

    • I agree with you. Glee should have a rescue plan. It’s nice, it’s fun to watch, but no real development. They’d better do something fast.
      And SMASH, yes, you should watch it. Just go to YouTube and look for some songs from the series.
      I’m looking forward to seeing what they have to offer next season.

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