Best friends, Basil Mojito

The moment I think about sitting down and writing a post, I get distracted.

It seems like the computer isn’t my best friend these days.

The thoughts are structured in my head and I wish I had a way to channel them directly into a post. Till I find a way, I have to get in the mood of writing and write my thoughts.


I have been lately enjoying a lot of stuff. Or maybe I was just doing the things that make me happy. Yes, I think that is the case. Long night walks and talks with my friend, reconnecting with my friend back from university, and cooking and eating my favorite foods. These are my best friends lately.

I have been described by my foodie friend Randa Kabrit from @Cupcake_box (with whom I won half a dozen of flavor of the week and I submitted a Flavor Of The Week a few months ago “Gooey Heaven S’mores Pie”) as the person who can talk about anything, everything, and nothing. I think it is true, especially when you are with people you love and enjoy their company. I make sure I get a big dose of that, and a good dose of my other best friend; basil mojito.


This drink has been my best friend during the hot summer days. I come back from work, fix myself a drink and enjoy it. Refreshing!

Now that the summer days are over, I will be having less of that best friend, but more of my actual best friends.


Basil Mojito

For one glass you’ll need:

5 basil leaves
4 tablespoons lemon/lime juice
2 tablespoons sugar or simple syrup
4-5 tablespoons Rum (I measured with the bottle’s cap and used 3)
Soda (or 7up or any carbonated beverage you like)

  • Muddle the first 3 ingredients until sugar is dissolved and basil leaves are well crushed
  • Add Rum
  • Fill the glass with ice
  • Top with your favorite carbonated beverage
  • Garnish with a basil twig

During the cherries season, I have muddles cherries with the basil leaves and did the same process to make Cherry Basil Mojito. Simply Delicious.


For the previous posts from Basil September, click HERE


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