Sunday Babble

  1. I can’t get over my crush on Lana Del Rey. I have been streaming her music (+ her before-fame songs) for the past couple of weeks. She looks amazing, she sounds good and I like her rough homemade videos [Lolita by Lana Del Rey]


  2. Whether you like her or not, Lady Gaga has started a good revolution: Body Revolution. It started with her need to accept her weight change. And being Mother Monster, she can’t give up or try not to accept what she has become; therefore, she started a campaign to accept her body and ask her fans to love their own bodies with all their defects and abnormalities. It is very inspiring. Check the page on Gaga’s social network LITTLE MONSTERS
  3. Speaking of self acceptance and beauty, yesterday night a new Lebanese girl has been crowned as Miss Lebanon 2012. The common question for the final 5 contestants was “What is more important, beauty or culture?” I say, culture. It brings out the beauty in you.
  4. In reference to the point above, would you prefer spending an hour with a girl that is beautiful but you can’t talk to, or a girl you can talk to that is not doesn’t have the beauty? (No men, you can’t touch any)
  5. This question made me link things to twitter and tweet-ups. We follow people that we don’t know, we have never seen and we have never talked to. We judge people according to their photo, bio and tweets. This is who they are and this is what they feel and think. It has been weird in tweet-ups to link the faces to the names. I create the personality for a certain tweep in my mind and I get surprised when I meet them in person when the virtual character doesn’t match the real person.
  6. To link the thoughts above, you can easily talk to a tweep (that you’ve been talking to on twitter) in person regardless of their looks because you got through all the barriers we create on first impressions like looks, beauty, dress codes, religion, color, race, sexuality, or the fact that they might have a unicorn.
  7. icons-khenshara-workshop-2012
    Another beauty I have encountered this week was an iconography workshop. It is at St. John Monastery at Khenshara and managed by Father Botros Khoury. It contained a huge collection of the monastery’s old set of icons and a lot of icons and trials by Father Botros. I just love the details of the byzantine iconography.
  8. And for a laugh, and some ear-deafening notes, check this video on “10 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Singing

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