Sunday Babble

  1. How I perceive Autistic children: They are just children who have not conformed to the restrictive society.
  2. They do whatever they want whenever they feel like it. This reminded me of a discussion I was having with a friend about public behavior. When you are a person that people always look at, should you have self-control or should you just be yourself no matter what?
  3. I bought Olives by Alexander McNabb, and I also got Beirut. I have a long list of readings. I just hope I could finish them before the end of 2012.
  4. We went out for dinner in celebration of my parent’s anniversary to a seafood and fish restaurant in Tabarja.
    20121004_20322120121004_203624 20121004_224302
    This is the 2nd time I go to this restaurant and barely take any photos. This is one of the places where you enjoy the food eating it rather than taking photos.
  5. The cleaning lady in the bathroom is an old lady that barely could move. I couldn’t even look her in the eyes. I wonder what is her story.
  6. I was walking on the road to catch a bus while I saw a prostitute descending from a car displeased. She looked old and shaggy. Is she in need of money or pleasure? Maybe both?
  7. Imagine if we could go on a touristic trip through time. Where would you choose to go?
  8. I can now really survive a zombie apocalypse, thanks to Zombie Smash
  9. I saw this funny side by side coincidence: Who has more superpowers?
  10. I got a new pair of shoes. They are exactly the same as the old one, but this one is brown. What do I do when I’m too picky and I find this shoe comfortable and good looking?
  11. I went to this place Dictateur that is very unique. Seems like it was set over a garage to become a restaurant.
    Vernacular places are so IN at this time

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