Power of WE: power of the people #BAD12


Whenever I think about this topic, the first thing that comes to my mind is the collective forces that have been put in the past 10 years against Middle East countries leaders.

I am not at all political, and I don’t know (and don’t follow) anything related to politics. But being in Lebanon, and being active on social media websites, one would definitely hear or read something political. And here, all I thought of was the power of the people, regardless of the aftermath.

File:Cedar Revolution protests.jpg

One of the notable Lebanese revolutions is the Cedar revolution back in March 2005. It was one big movement in the Lebanese modern history. It has started many uprisings after it that might/might not have reached good results. We are still having movements and public uprisings towards the current situation, but mainly they are political and one-sided rather than a national uprising against all the corruption.

File:Info box collage for mena Arabic protests.png

Another good example of the power of the people would be the ARAB SPRING. This contagious call for freedom has been spreading since 2010. Protest and revolutions erupted in many Arab countries, and due to the united public uprisings, goals were achieved. Whether it was a slight change or an overthrown government or dictator, change was achieved.

I will not discuss how this change was maintained. Some countries were able to become better after the revolution. Others had nothing changed but the name and face, while some have gone worse. What I have to note here, people don’t realize how powerful they are and they are led to still be unaware of their collective power. Those who have overthrown leaders can do it all over again.

The problem remains with the mentality of the masses. People are taught to be sheep. They need a strong leader to follow wherever he wants. We are not taught to be individuals, we are taught to become one of the masses. We need to be taught how to think, not what to think. We need to be able to make our own decisions and build our future. We are now tomorrow’s history and we’re building the future. We need to realize our power. We are not here for nothing. We have a strong role to play together.

We have a strong role that we need to hold hands and play together

This comic represents well how powerful our unity is.



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