Sunday Babble

1. It has been a very long time since we tweeps gathered and had a tweetup. Thanks to Lynn, we were able to meet some of the new tweeps around the block. I reconnected with tweeps I already know, and I met some new people.

2. Being a GLEEK myself, I enjoyed meeting a couple of gleeks at the tweetup. It was really fun to find people who are interested in that show as much as you. We decided we would meet and start our watch club to enjoy the episodes together.

3. The tweetup was at Junkyard. It is a junkyard-style restaurant/pub in Gemmayze. The place is unique and very casual but way junkier than Dictateur that I went to last week. I should go some other time and try the place in a less hectic atmosphere than at the tweetup.

4. It has always been a wish for me to start a food-related anything. I love to be around foodies and food-related conversations are the best. You can never fight over food conversations. That’s why there is an idea to start a food event or at least a get-together.

5. Being a food lover (and cook) I participated in the food trivia by Al Wadi Al Akhdar on facebookand I won in their second draw.

6. Apart from the happy thoughts, I keep seeing prostitutes. They start lots of questions in my head. What is their purpose? Why do they keep doing that? I really want to know. Jeez I would have just grabbed the girl I saw to the bench I was at on the corniche and started asking her questions.

photo (1)

7. I learnt not to judge (or at least not to) but is it just me or did I really see her play hard to get? I think she was. A guy was trying to get her attention, but she was only look not caring while making provocative movements.

8. Anyways, I’ll just let the thoughts sit in my mind for a while.

9. I have watched Arbitrage. I like Richard Gere and Susan Sarandon look stunning but the movie got me so bored that I could have easily fallen asleep in my chair at the theater except that it was not so comfy.

10. I am taking part in the global event #BAD12. I will be posting my entry later today. It is going to be something simple, I promise I won’t go philosophical.


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