الأربعاء بنصّ الجمعة


I went yesterday with my friend Mike to the premiere of the play “Orb3a bnos el jom3a” by Betty Taoutal. It is a social comedy inspired by the Lebanese situation. It plays on the sensitive issues of relationships, marriages, divorce and work in the shade of all the social and political conditions. It makes the viewer laugh at the pain he is living without being obscene and use blunt dirty jokes or references.

The play starts a little bit calm and you can feel  the actors, umm, how can I say it? ACTING. But as the play proceeds and the scenes go fast, the play gets better. You can’t miss Betty’s presence on the stage from the moment she enters until she leaves. I forgot about the acting for a bit in favor of the content and the story.


It is a fun play to watch, not one of the usual plays you’d watch but I will make you smile, and sometimes laugh. The play will run from November 8 till December 2nd at 8:30 pm. At Theatre Monnot.


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