Sunday Babble

1 – My blog isn’t one of the Lebanese blogs with hundreds of visits per day (yet?) but I post almost regularly and share these posts over my social media accounts. I don’t believe in pushing links to people so I post them just a couple of times. I believe that good content will share itself when met with the right people.

2 – I have been thinking about the posts I write and the content I curate and how some just goes to waste but knowing that 1 person is reading these posts and is sharing a response makes my day.

3 – This week, I had a touching comment on a very personal post I wrote around a month ago. I felt really good that the person who commented thought of my post and decided to express themselves. I was a kind of virtual support.

4 – I had spent last weekend at the mountains. It was stormy and we had to drive through fog while going up there. It was scary, and I never realized how scary driving through the fog is until I knew how to drive.

5 – I don’t watch TV, but I do download series and watch them. We’ve spent a lot of time last weekend while at the mountains watching 2 new series: The Mindy Project and The New Normal. I now have 2 new addictions. I already have season 1 of Once Upon A Time but haven’t really sat down and started watching it.

6 – A group of gleeks and I are starting what would be “Beirut Glee Club” to hang around and watch the episodes together. Next week would be our first.

7 – I passed by A New Earth organic gourmet. I cannot explain how I could have spent hours just exploring the products and reading their labels. Gosh, I’m such a food nerd.

8 – Walid and Darine held a baby shower for their upcoming baby Clara. This was my first baby shower to attend. It was really fun connecting with Mommy and Daddy all those tweeps in a not-serious-at-all atmosphere. Can’t wait to see baby Clara.

9 – I went back to the 60s and came back. I was at a themed birthday party and I LOOK FABULOUS! Sixties Fabulous.

10 – After my latest diet-wrecking post, I have a new description: I am committing diet crimes and sometimes killing people with my posts. Cause of death: Delicious food photos. Serial Killer: Sadistic Blogger. Victims: Foodies of all ages and nationalities.

11 – So, read my blog with caution!


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