Lost Sock Day

Happy New Year and I wish you spent a blessed holidays season.

On the first day of the year, I decided to go crazy. Actually it was the second; the day January 1st was a lazy short day that I decided to consider it uncounted (although I still made use of the few hours I stayed awake.) On that uncounted day, I received a tweet that inspired me and on the first day of the year I said to myself,  let’s do it.

The first tweet of the day was a memorial to all lost socks. I had one purpose, to raise awareness for socks that get lost, orphaned, widowed, or disposed. I asked all those who know a sock that was left alone to participate and make lonely socks feel less lonely this day. I also shared a photo of my non-matching pair of socks and waited for my kind compassionate followers on twitter to make this day happen. By the end of the day, I had a good number of submissions.

Here they are, creating my 100th post, on Cola W Calset:

Embedded image permalinkby @2020rat

socks Mike by @Makhashkash

Embedded image permalinkby @GhPhilippe

Embedded image permalinkby @MoonNeighbor


by @missd5

Embedded image permalink

by @GhassanKhoury

Embedded image permalinkby @JadAlHaddad

DSC_0322 DSC_0319by @Alice_fromearth

Embedded image permalinkand lastly, yours truly

I thank all those who participated. This day was fun. Really.
If you wish to add your photo, just tweet the photo and mention me or add the hashtag #LostSockDay

See you next year, and let’s hope till then your socks will be safe and sound.


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