Stormy Lebanon and my food cravings

It’s raining. Not it’s pouring. NO, IT’S A DELUGE.Image

But no, I’m not going to nag about how the rain didn’t stop, the wind could have blown me away, cars (and people) drowned because of the high water level, nor the nagging of naggers.

I got back from work today, put on my PJ’s  and wrapped myself with the blanket watching my favorite series. How I wish just to stay this way until the storm clears a bit. But the thing that turned out bad is my cravings; internet and food cravings. I can consume food and megabytes by the second, and with me being home and cold, all I think of is food, fast (quick) food.

I’ve been munching on everything ever since I got back from work.  I thought I’d start balancing my food again after the holidays but how could I? Everything around me scream EAT! And I’m obedient.


Lucky are the bears out there. They’ve got fur on their bodies to keep them warm. They can hibernate all winter and they don’t need to eat and care about their bellies.

Anyways, keep yourselves warm, be careful on the roads, and take care of yourselves. I’ll be enjoying the evening wrapped in a thicker blanket sipping some red wine and either with more series or a book.

How would you fight such food craving?
What would you do to keep warm?



6 thoughts on “Stormy Lebanon and my food cravings

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