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As I was reading through my HUGE category of food blogs subscriptions in my inbox, one of the posts got my attention. Even though I have seen other similar posts by this food blogger, I never sat down and read through it.

I see hearts in the sky

I see hearts in the sky

Out of this post, couple of paragraphs grabbed me and told me, THINK, ANALYZE, KEEP IN MIND, and POST.

…when the joy of someone else becomes more valuable than your own.

…This is how it is in a relationship. Some days things just come naturally. It’s not hard to remember why I said, “I do”. The days when his touch is electric, the sound of my name passing his lips makes me feel loved and I have nothing but joy and hope for our days ahead. And then there are the days where I have to work to catch those moments…

Read the full post: “dating my husband: when it comes easy” by “Not Without Salt” to see what it’s all about.


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