I am 25.
Quarter of a century.

Time passes by so fast.

But what are birthdays without family and friends?
And food!


I celebrated my birthday one night before. A small gathering of loved ones is all it takes to make me happy and cooking for them is a pleasure. I cooked my favorite vegetables noodles accompanied by cashew chicken curry that were delicious. The aromas filled the house, and as my friends arrived, they all mentioned that the smell has reached the street.
I still have the smell of curry in my nostrils.

I added a salad to the menu, also a favorite, my Mexican-inspired salad.

And should I mention how good the cake was? It shows!


As I mentioned earlier, I prefer small gatherings and I don’t like big birthday party. What matters to me is those moments you spend with the ones you love. These moments are worth the kitchen work, the shopping, the hassle and panic all day and even the day before, the rush to finish and make things perfect, and lastly the curry smell in your house and on you that sticks to the next day along with the smell of onion and garlic on your hands.
I will cherish those moments and I will keep in mind that this year I will try to live happily more than ever because that is what matters most.
Happy 25th birthday to me 🙂


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